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The Path of Destiny Part 76
The Path of Destiny
Chapter 76 – Toil on the Mountaintop

Ashend waited alone in her cave, pondering. Itora was down in the bigger caves, hopefully doing a convincing job of making it look like she’d used her Forbidden Attack. Ashend had instructed her to continuously use thunderbolt on both the prey and the ground around it until it convincingly looked like damage from Voltgale. Ashend herself had killed hers with ghost type attacks that didn’t leave any physical mark, and had Itora consume it before it could be examined. So far, Cyclone hadn’t asked to be witness to the Attacks himself, and Ashend hoped it would stay that way.
The misdreavus glanced to the amulet that was resting on a small ledge nearby. Using her ghostly energy, she lifted it and held it front of her face, gazing into the deep blue stone. The thought of what she had given up for that stone made her simmer with rage, but only for a moment. She was reminded of another stone that was just
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The Path of Destiny Part 75
The Path of Destiny
Chapter 75 – Shellreef City

The group stepped through the portal into pouring rain. Despite it still being morning, the sky was dark and thick sheets of rain made it hard to make out much of what was around them. The trainers and pokémon took careful steps over dark, slick rock, becoming soaked within seconds.
“Ugh,” Rosie muttered, trying in vain to shake some of the water out of her fur. “Where are we?”
“Katie’s looking it up,” Arien told her, nodding toward the trainer, who was hunched over and peering at the screen of her pokégear while her hand shielded it from the worst of the rain.
“We’re very close to Shellreef City,” Katie called to the others, having to raise her voice to be heard over the torrent. “We’re near one of the routes leading in to it. Now we’ve just need to get off these rocks.”
Snowcrystal stood beside Redclaw, peering at her strange surro
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Thorax Plushie :iconracingwolf:racingwolf 16 5
This is my art gallery! I mostly post stories, photoshop and oekaki drawings, and plushies. Occasionally I post traditional drawings, drawings done on MS paint, or photography. I love making art and I hope you enjoy my pictures, stories, and plush as much as I've enjoyed making them!

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Music Suggestions?

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 7, 2015, 5:35 AM
I know I've asked this before, but I'm really wanting to find new music, especially related to Path of Destiny I could listen to while writing or for inspiration. Can anyone tell me any songs they think remind them of the story, (especially character-specific songs), and why?


Yanmega, Heracross and Scyther!
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Dislikes: Drama and hate

Current Residence: ChalkZone

Favourite genre of music: Whatever genre my favorite song at the time is in

Favourite style of art: All!

Shell of choice: Sea Turtle shells...when they're not covered in algae of course

Favourite cartoon character: Snap from ChalkZone and all the heracross, scyther, yanmega, umbreon, growlithe, and houndoom on Pokémon




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When did you first got inspired to write The Path of Destiny? And how did you got inspired?
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It started in 2007, and actually just because I was bored one day after school. xD The white growlithe thing did come from an old story my sister and I made when we were little, that involved white growlithes, and I guess the thing that inspired me was just wanting to write about where they came from.
Greninjamaster16 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Writer
That's great
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